My Chick-y Footprints

traveller wanna-fly

Pouilly-fumé Dictionary

Abuden Means if not so, what then? Origin unclear, I learnt it from Phua Chu Kang, a famous Singaporean sitcom.

A plus French phrase, meaning see you, till then.

Alors French word for so, then, well

Bon French equivalent of the interjection ‘well’.

Chick-y No particular meaning, an adjective for ‘chick’. Interpreted by yours truly, from the Spanish word ‘pollita’. Originated from Paris by Ricardo making fun of my name.

Duh Means ‘don’t you know this?’ with a bored face and sometimes in an exasperated manner, maybe adding a little eye-rolling.

Gamxia Means thank you. Originally from the Hokkien dialect.

Ganjiong Means nervous, fidgety. Originally from Cantonese.

Guai Lou Caucasian. Literal translations means ghostly people, possibly due to their fair to pale skin tone being described as ghosts by the Chinese people.

Kiasu To be afraid to lose. Used in Malaysia and Singapore, originated from the Hokkien dialect.

-OH Alcohol or booze. In Chemistry, it represents the hydroxyl group on a hydrocarbon chain. Alcohol, which is mainly ethanol is a member of this family.

Selfie-sh Same meaning as selfie. Originated from Paris by Maria-Paz trying to speak English.

Tanjung Rambutan Synonymous to Ulu Kinta Mental Hospital in the town of Tanjung Rambutan. Any mention of Tanjung Rambutan in Malaysia means a mental institution.


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