My Chick-y Footprints

traveller wanna-fly

About The Wannabe

This traveler wannabe, made in Malaysia who grew up with dreams of travelling and exploring the world. I do have a full time job in an office, not ideal (I know!). I’m still working towards my ideal job, but it takes time. 

I enjoy low budget traveling experience. I strongly believe in living like locals to better understand and appreciate their world. However, it’s nearly impossible to live in every country on planet earth. So I’ll try doing that as possible as I could afford to.

I first created this blog to share my experiences in France, but decided to turn it into my travelling blog.

All opinions and comments are of no other intentions but to allow interested fellows of the planet to see the world through my eyes.

Posts happen to be sporadic and are sometimes not in chronological order.

I’d appreciate it if people are kind enough to leave messages or comments or criticisms for support and improvements.


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