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My second home… tourist or not??

Well, continuing from my trip to Amsterdam, I returned to Paris, the second country where I’ve lived the longest as yet . On the way to ‘chez moi’, which is in actual fact ‘chez Carl/Perreira/Esnaola’, everything was so familiar, as if I never left. duh! of course, it has only been 3 months or so. Wake up, girl! hah!

Anyway, since everyone was working, I went roaming around the city and decided to revisit the Louvre. The only time I visited the museum was in August 2012 when I first came, with all my new found friends whom I have come to share an important part of my life with. It was the first Sunday of the month, meaning free entry, which also means long snake-like queues from the entrance till where you can’t even see the Louvre!

Well anyway, revisiting this place brought another sense of appreciation. I’m not someone who describes senses, emotions or anything for that matter in detail, but you’ve just got to go there for yourself to understand how I felt. Hmn… I guess it’s time to grind myself with some writing skills =\

2014-06-11 18.55.14

2014-06-11 19.09.53

Wifi anyone?

Bon, what else did I do there? Out from the Louvre, certainly a stroll and a short nap in Jardin de Tuileries. It was summer, I had the right to enjoy lazy afternoons, doing nothing while doing something, ain’t it? For art or museum lovers, I revisited Musée d’Orsay. I have started to appreciate art and museums after 1.5 years of French influence. Honestly, the paintings are really enjoyable! Too bad we don’t have places like that here in Malaysia.

2014-06-11 19.52.28

2014-06-12 13.23.17

Interesting fact about Musée d’Orsay: It used to be a railway station until 1939 when it became to short for the modern and longer trains and then was turned into the museum it is today.

Crap! That’s the problem of not updating my blog the moment I return from my holiday. Ok, got it.

Well, it was the weekend of our graduation. With the others flying over to attend this joyous event, we spent the weekend together, catching up, watching the World Cup Matches, and what not, basically just hanging out. I guess you got the idea anyway.

2014-06-13 22.16.14

2014-06-14 15.15.07

Graduation was simply awesome! A cruise along La Seine on a wonderful summer evening with the breathtaking surrounding and fantastic bunch of friends, what more can one ask for? oh yes! good food and booze *winks*

2014-06-14 18.16.112014-06-14 20.45.052014-06-14 20.45.45




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