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This was 14 months ago. Ben and I left for Belgium early in the morning of Boxing Day. We almost missed our train which departed at 5.55am! Thanks to Nasa who woke us up at 4am… Even though it’s just above France, Belgium looks very different from France. We visited 4 cities and I really loved all of them.


It was just a coincidence that we ended up in this city. We forgot to book hostel for the first night of our trip so as a last resort, we decided to try out couchsurfing (another first!). Our couchsurfing host lives in Leuven and little un-beknownst to us, Leuven happens to be one of the most famous university town or ‘student city’ in Belgium. Despite the fact that we had quite an ‘adventurous’ time there, it is really a beautiful place with a very pretty city hall.

2012-12-26 09.06.32


It is known for its Atomium and Manneken Pis, well also for the European Parliament. The Atomium was built for one of the world expositions, like the Eiffel Tower, but of course not as beautiful as Mr Eiffel’s masterpiece. Sorry, I’m being biased here. Anyone who begs to differ or thinks that there are other wonderful structures, feel free to introduce them to me =) As for the Manneken Pis, I honestly don’t know why it is such a great attraction, i mean it’s just a statue of a little boy peeing. I found a chocolate statue which was larger than the original boy! We didn’t get the chance to go to the Parliament because we got lost walking around the city with a map. I guess it’s time for some map reading courses =P Well, a very nice place in Brussels is definitely the Grand Place where they installed an artificial christmas tree this year with light display on the walls of the city museum.

2012-12-26 16.39.06

2012-12-26 17.05.21

Ok, it’s night view is reluctantly beautiful =)

2012-12-28 13.12.23

2012-12-26 19.19.39


Ghent is where my Belgiam friends studied in university. It is also a student city like in Leuven, but besides that area filled with studious atmosphere, there is also another part of the city which is a tourist spot. Well, since it was quite a long time ago, everything is not as clear as when I just returned from the trip. But anyway, it is a beautiful city. They have an interesting local sweet called cuberdon. Another cool place to visit was Dreupelkot, a local brewery with its famous owner.

2012-12-27 11.32.44

2012-12-27 11.33.01

2012-12-27 16.44.10

2012-12-27 16.50.16


This is a must-go in Belgium because it’s one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. However I think that no one actually lives in the city, the people there mainly travel to and fro to work in the shops and such. Come to think of it, it’s like the Venice of Belgium. It’s simply breath-taking!

2012-12-29 14.58.47

2012-12-29 15.30.07

2012-12-29 15.10.39


2 comments on “Everything Belgian

  1. brugesvegan
    February 20, 2014

    nice to read your impressions and see your photos.
    There are people living in Bruges, although housing is very expensive 😉

    • Adeline
      June 30, 2014

      Dear Brugesvegan, thanks for the info =)

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