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Birthday Trip to Cagliari

When you’ve crossed the 21-year milestone, celebrating birthdays after that sometimes seem mundane or just plain boring. I have had a great opportunity to celebrate my 22nd in New Delhi and this year again in another country, or maybe I should say 2 countries.


Our classes ended in June and we should have started our internship in July. However, since it was arranged that I will work in Lyon and due to HR matters, I had 3 weeks holiday before starting my job. I had a pre-celebration with school mates which I have already posted a short blog showing off the gifts I received, so I decided to visit Ben in Cagliari. What better way to spend your free time travelling, visiting friends and passing your birthday altogether?


Cagliari, is situated at the south of the Italian island Sardinia, which is also south of the French island Corsica. It is all about the sun, sand and sea also not forgetting pizza and gelato!


I spent the first day wandering around Cagliari alone, just to get a feel of the city, going up and down the winding and hilly roads under the hot sun. It has a very different landscape as it’s an island and also a totally different language! (Duh…) Yeah, I know. It is always still a wonder to register into my mind the fact that I now feel comfortable among French speaking people despite not being able to speak the language fluently. And here, it felt so alien to not hear French but Italian instead.


Another 2 days were spent on the beach. All the beaches were always crowded with people sun-tanning, some of which I really don’t understand the logic because they were seriously as tanned as Indians but yet still sun-tanning. I’d say that’s more like sun-baking!


2013-07-04 12.18.21 Enjoyed seating in front of this church, listening to the sound of the waving flags as the wind blew across the plaza.




2013-07-04 11.22.10

Photo 5-7-13 5 13 18 PM

Photo 5-7-13 5 19 06 PM

Last but definitely not the least, my birthday video! A super duper huge thank you again to everyone who did the video, I was certainly surprised and amazed because I didn’t expect you to cover all extend of friendship I made here.



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