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Graduation… but not mine ;)

After 16 or 18 or 22 months with IFP School, it was time to officially send students off. Not me, but the old folks from last year. The students’ body was involved in ensuring that the entire evening ran smoothly and it did!

在IFP School 过了或16或18或22个月,最终还是时候送别了。啊,可不是我,而是去年的学生。我们学生协会也有份确保这个晚上顺利地进行,结果也让我们如愿以偿,还不错!

The graduation ceremony was held just by La Seine, followed by a cruise on the one and only beloved river that runs its course through Paris. It was wonderful to see all the students meeting up again after several months of separation, chatting away, keeping each other up to date with things which happened and reminiscing the ‘good ol’ days’ in school.

毕业典礼就在La Seine旁举行,随着就是在这道穿过巴黎的河上航游。观察这些毕业生重逢的模样、叽叽喳喳地聊个不停、互换近况的同时也回想在学校的趣事,让我无意地想象明年轮到我的情景会是怎样。

On the one hand, I was enjoying the moment, whereas on the other, I was all nerves, feeling a little fidgety. Why so? Well, it all began right at the beginning of the school year, but I’m not going to bore you with too much details. But anyway, I have been practicing with 3 friends in a band and somehow, someone told the school organizers about it. They needed some entertainment during the cruise. To cut the story short, we agreed to play a few songs on that night, with another group performing some songs too.


In the 2 weeks we had to practice, we managed to squeeze around 5 practices into our timetables. Well, anyway I think we did well, since the crowd liked it. I am still not sure if they really liked it or it was moral support, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt and believe that they liked it ;P My first performance!


After the cruise, there was an after-party in the ship. The DJ was by far the best out of those in previous parties. While we enjoyed a superb night, it was also fun to watch parents of the graduates and teachers and administrators in school joining in the fun and dancing along with us.

2013-06-22 22.30.42Members in the band:

Camille: vocals & guitar

Me: keyboard

Jerôme: drums

Firman: bass



They are wonderful musicians! Here’s a video taken, not sure about the quality, but if you’re curious enough, try it here.



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