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Summer in Italy already??

Buongiorno! After my last post about working hard, I think it’s more than enough, don’t you think so? Now, back to the fun part!


We, the POLYs, were very fortunate to have a field trip in Ferrara, Italy for a whole week. As a result of that, we took advantage of the 2 weekends before and after the trip and visited Venice and Rome. The sun was shining the entire week like it was already summer! What a change from the cloudy and slightly cold Paris weather =)


VENEZIA: Simply relaxing to walk around and get lost here


2013-04-06 13.29.33Did you know that there aren’t any cars, nor motorcycles there? And not even bicycles (at least I didn’t see any) Everyone either walks or takes their own gondola






2013-04-06 12.04.48

Our first Italian pizza, and they are huge!









2013-04-06 12.29.53Entered a gallery which was displaying all sorts of violins and also violin-making tools





2013-04-06 14.09.21

Clear water and blue sky~

I wonder how they keep the water soooo clean, Malaysians would trash the place in a day!







2013-04-07 13.29.26

And of course, a gondola ride!!! With Sourour, Sahil, Nasa and An






… and POLYs hanging out before leaving the beautiful city


2013-04-07 16.10.52

2013-04-07 16.23.24











ROME: Another wonderful city! Beeee-yooouuu-teee-fuuuuulll


First things first, Piazza San Pietro and the Vatican!


2013-04-13 11.17.24

2013-04-13 16.00.28

In the Vatican Museums:

Everywhere you let your eyes rest on, it’s something nice; on the wall, on the floor, on the ceiling, up, down, left, right! Honestly, I think they are by far, better than Louvre. Oops! Sorry, but, it’s true…





2013-04-13 15.39.25That’s Hercules for you. He wasn’t what I imagined him to be: bigger and more muscular.








2013-04-13 17.03.25The famous spiral staircase in the Vatican Museum







2013-04-13 18.43.37Trevi Fountain: it’s funny to see people trying to take a picture of the moment they toss a coin backwards into the water.








2013-04-14 11.05.37

You don’t think I’ve forgotten about this, do you? Another wonderful sunny day at the Colosseum.









These few pictures that I’ve shared here don’t do any of them justice at all. One simply has to see for themselves.



One comment on “Summer in Italy already??

  1. theestherchew
    August 20, 2013

    So jealous… :p wish I could visit one day.

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