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At last, I saw how my ‘paper’ looks like…

Five months after my graduation, I finally got a glimpse of my degree certificate looks like! I’ve put off trying to get it from the university for quite some time until I recently had to use it. Out of sight out of mind; I almost forgot about it. It was also annoying to work things from here, where I had to get help from friends. Special thanks to YukLing and HueyYee! (Gamxia, gamxia! I belanja makan when I’m back =] )

毕业五个月后,我终于看到我的文凭到底是怎么样的!其实老早就可以领到了,但是眼不见心不烦,所以我也几乎没把它忘了。而且,在这里要安排领这张‘纸’也不方便,还得麻烦朋友帮忙。这次欠了 YukLing 和 HueyYee 一餐,下次回去该请吃了。

4 years of somewhat hard work for 2 pieces of ‘paper’…




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