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Road Trip to the North… … (of France)

This was a trip discussed since November last year, with my friend Jonathan Lim, but nothing substantial came out from all those discussions until the week before we left. So on Wednesday 5 of us hopped into our rented car and left for Normandie. It was sort of well-planned even though we planned the journey in just perhaps an hour.


It was a good trip with Jon, Zhu Yong, Hu YiLe and Masato. It was cold and windy, but with the sun and all the beautiful places, one can only appreciate and savour the entire ‘package’ =)

和Jon, 朱勇,胡逸乐和Masato的旅程可真很好。寒冷又刮风的三天但又有太阳和美景的陪伴,我们就只能欣赏和体味整个‘配套’。

Our journey: Rouen>>Etretat>>Caen>>Colleville -sur-Mer>>Le Mont Saint Michel>>Saint Malo

It’s going to be a very long post…



2013-02-20 11.54.02I find these buildings peculiar and special. They are built with wood and concrete and the walls are not perfectly flat and straight. It gives a quirky character to them.



2013-02-20 13.57.17The place where Joan of Arc was burnt. She is a heroine involved in the Hundred Years’ War between England and France.

That building with a queer exterior is  L’eglise Jeanne d’Arc (Saint-Joan of Arc Church).



2013-02-20 14.02.54I was a little surprised by the modern interior of the church. It was until I entered did I find out that it was a church. I’d say it’s the first catholic church I’ve seen which has such different designs, both sides.



2013-02-20 16.26.25Etretat is a small town by the coast, known for its cliffs that look like elephant trunks








2013-02-20 16.21.56


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