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The main anticipation around the month of February each year is Chinese New Year, well, technically it doesn’t always fall in February, but almost always. Since I’m here in Paris, to return home for celebration, ce n’est pas possible! Ok, maybe not impossible, but it would be a very expensive weekend for me.


DSC_0266Anyway, I spent the weekend with my Chinese friends in the residence. We started dinner preparation since the afternoon on Saturday. We made ‘sui gao’ dumplings from scratch, meaning with flour, egg, water, veges and meat. It’s their tradition to eat that during CNY.


Whereas in Malaysia, we do ‘lou sang’ 我们在马来西亚就是‘捞生’了

DSC_0269We had to use the TV room in the residence with around 30 of us having dinner together. It was really almost like having reunion dinner with my extended family!

我们总共有大概30人,房间装不下那么多人,所以就在tv room开桌。这个简直像我在家跟舅舅和阿姨们吃团圆饭。

DSC_0366It was really interesting to celebrate with them – having our tradition coming from China, and to also note the difference in our traditions. Even among the Chinese people, each have similarities and differences in each region. It was a night mixed with familiarity and also unfamiliarity.

跟他们一起过年也蛮特别的 – 我们拥有一样的中国传统,但同时又拥有一些不一样的习俗。就算中国人中,还是因着地区的分别有彼此的不同点。这是一个参杂熟悉与生疏的晚上。

2013-02-09 20.13.39

I wasn’t the only non-Chinese after all! One of them brought 2 of his German friends who went for exchange in China.



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