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My First Snowwwww

It’s been almost 2 months since my last post! I sort of gave up writing, not because I have nothing to write but I am not too motivated to set myself down and focus on writing. But then again, I think I shouldn’t take things for granted. Knowing that some of my friends back home (yeah! you’re one of them) are waiting to read about my life here, I have decided to continue writing. So you’ll get a few more updates about what happened since my last post.

自从我上一次的post, 不知不觉已经隔了2个月!其实,我几乎已经放弃持续写部落格了,不是因为没故事分享,而是少了动力催促我乖乖坐下来、专心的好好把故事叙述出来。后来想想,我不该那么不惜福。更何况又知道在老家的亲戚朋友们(包括你啦)都等着阅读我在这里的生活,我也决定继续写咯。所以,你们最近应该会比较频繁的读到我这里2个月的故事。

Here’s to the most recent one: SNOW in Paris!!!!


Well, according to Nasa, I’m a snow virgin =) I guess you figured that it means it’s my first time seeing, feeling and playing with snow. I was pretty excited to see it snowing in Paris, even though I didn’t really show how I really feel. Otherwise, my friends would have need to send me to a French Tanjung Rambutan. Haha… But come to think of it, snow is basically rain turning into ice while falling from the sky =P


We were quite fortunate to have 3 or 4 days of snow because it doesn’t snow much in Paris. So even for the french, it’s still something amazing every year. But the not-so-amazing part, is the inconvenience in the transportation system and the condition of the road for drivers out there. However, the cold was more bearable, even the day felt more cheerful and pleasant. There’s always something about snow that helps one to be more optimistic and joyful.


2013-01-14 20.21.46

First night of snowfall










2013-01-18 23.09.06

Blurry night in front of Eiffel Tower








2013-01-19 11.27.52

The view from my window






2013-01-19 12.33.29

Snowman built by Ruben and Angelo with a little touch up help from Paz and me







2013-01-20 18.07.57

Snowball throwing at the windows of our friends








2013-01-20 18.14.22 People build snowman, engineers build snow tank, snow batman and snow ship.







2013-01-21 15.16.03Almost the last day of snowfall in Paris



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