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Food food food…

I’ve decided to post the pictures of food which I have taken all in one post instead of separating them one by one. These are only a few of those which I remembered to take before eating, most of the time I get so excited I forget to take pictures. So, I’m not Asian enough after all… hehehe


Arabian meal from Nasa. He’s half-Saudi and half Canadian, so this meal is not really a Saudi meal. Looking at what he normally eats by himself, thumbs up for him already for preparing this delicious arabic combo. The one at the top is normal fried eggs, on the right is humus and the left is called ‘foo’ (not sure how it’s spelled).










Next up, Tunisian lunch by Sourour. She’s the pastry queen, always treating us with cakes, chocolates, cookies, cappucino, etc etc… Anyway, I can’t remember the name of the dishes, but they were really gooooood!!!





The next dish is pure Italian pesto pasta, prepared by Stefano! He’s also the king of Nutella, always thinking of new ways to enjoy desserts decorated with Nutella… =)

接下来,是Stefano准备的纯正意大利的pesto pasta。他是Nutella之王,整天想不同的方法用Nutella布置各种甜点。。。 =)


Vegetarian dinner by Cederik. He was so ‘gan jiong’ that day when we arrived because it wasn’t ready yet. Applause for a really great meal with this sometimes peculiar friend =P
ps. This reminds me that he hasn’t return me a glass plate!









Lastly, improvised chinese meal from my neighbour, Jiang Yi Fei! Despite all the delicious food mentioned above, the sense of familiarity in this simple meal with pork is purely indescribably awesome.



After so much good food, I think I will soon turn into the picture Nasa made of me::::

Exercise is much needed ><

在这里吃到那么多好吃的食物,恐怕我迟早变成这张照片里的我:一定要运动啊 ><


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