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POLY Commence…

This is a late post about the start of my POLY program in IFP School. Well, I’ve never heard of IFP School in Malaysia all my life until I applied for it. But it seems like it’s quite well-known in the petroleum industry, so I’m really grateful for this opportunity to be here. It’s really a great environment to be in, with so many friends from so many different countries and culture. It’s the best place for cultural integration =)

这是我姗姗来迟的开学新闻。我在马来西亚真的从来没听闻过IFP School,直到我申请来这里读书。不过,它在石油界好像是蛮有名的,所以我真的对于这个千载难逢的机会万分的感恩。这是一个很有趣的环境-我们从不同的国家,带着不同的文化与风俗,简直是文化的融合点。

Well, we had some introduction on the program, and the ‘professuers’ and what not. Then we were given some books and the POLY ‘bible’… I think we’re quite fortunate because we only had 5 reference books, unlike some other programs which had almost 10 books.

过一些简略的课程介绍、教授的介绍,还有一些琐碎的报告,他们就派发了一些参考书和POLY(我的课程简称)的‘圣经’。我觉得我们还算好,只拿了5本书,其它科系的同学有些拿到差不多 10本!




This the amount of notes we have in a month!!! I can’t imagine how high will my notes be stacked up by the end of this semester. And a test every month!!!



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