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Nasi Goreng

So far, I haven’t got the time to try cook something Malaysian myself, but I did do something with friends which was quite asian. One of the saturdays, we cooked nasi goreng and curry. Fabio is quite fond of asian food, so with his nasi goreng flavour sachet and curry powder, we cooked nasi goreng and vegetarian curry because that was what he had =P


The result was good for ‘guai lou’ standard, but so-so in Malaysian standard. But here, one can’t complain much with the limited resources we had. The nasi goreng was toooooo spicey for Paz, she only managed to take a few bites and had to give it up. Curry was good, but it definitely doesn’t taste like ours in Malaysia. I think most probably it’s because of the amount and ratio of spices in the sachet. However, it was still good to have a somewhat asian meal together with friends. One of these days, I have to try again something that tastes truly Malaysian =)


 Nasi Goreng Kampung with chicken








Vegetarian curry with potatoes and lentils












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